Jacqui Patterson – NAACP Climate Justice Initiative

, 29/07/14

Jacqui was born and raised on the south side of Chicago to a Jamaican immigrant father and an African American mother from Mississippi.  She attended Boston University where she gained a Bachelors in Special Education while working in the Boston shelter system and participating in the “Housing Now” movement.  During her 3.5 year term as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in Jamaica she worked with the Community Environmental Resource Center which began due to the contamination of the Harbour View community water supply by the neighboring Shell Company plant. Jacqui is now the Climate Justice Initiative Director for the NAACP. Her work on climate justice before engaging with NAACP was through Women of Color United’s participation in a Movement Generation for Change Ecology Justice Retreat and partnership with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization on the From Katrina to Copenhagen Initiative.  More.